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Whether your talent is acting or singing, playing an instrument or writing scores of your own, posing in front of the camera or capturing your own art on film, your talent is wasted if it is not shared. is a forum for all kinds of talent, in all stages of developing their craft and career.  Whether your talent is raw or polished, you need coaching, representation, or just some good advice, can help you discover how to get discovered.

The fashion industry can seem foreign to outsiders, making it intimidating and overwhelming.  However, will teach you that getting started in a modeling career is not as daunting as you may think.  High fashion may be an elite and exclusive world, but it is not impossible.  If you don't have the time to pursue high fashion full time, why not try commercial print? can help guide you AND get you exposure to photographers, make-up artists, hair and wardrobe stylists, schools, agents, development tools, managers, and MORE.  Don't have your composite cards or a portfolio?  DON'T WORRY.  Use our directory to find industry professionals who can help you get started OR just fill out our Apply Form and we will forward your contact information to the professional best suited to help you.

The Entertainment industry is enormous.  Whether your dream is TV, big budget movies, independent films, comedy, theater, drama, improv, featured extra work, or becoming a STAR, the information you need is right here at  We can link you to head shot photographers, casting directors, AND agents who can BOOK your first gig or your BIG BREAK.

Sometimes your talent may not fit into an industry.  You may not think you belong in show business altogether, BUT you never know what an agent might be looking for.  So showcase your talent, whatever it may be, and find out to get yourself out there by filling out's Apply Form TODAY!