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Thanksgiving Eve Events

Take New Year's Eve. That's a gimme. You get drunk on champagne, you kiss someone at midnight, and you have the misleading promise of a better year ahead. What's not to like?

Then there's Halloween. Every club--even the snobby ones--runs with the haunted vibe, and every girl is dressed like a hooker. Even some lesser holidays feel like parties, like Fourth of July (fireworks and beer), St. Patrick's Day ("Kiss Me I'm Irish!"), and Valentine's Day ("Singles Get Screwed"-themed parties).


Yep. Somewhere, somehow, this family-themed holiday became a magnet for club-nights. Which is sorta weird, when you think about it. Thanksgiving is all about how we pillaged and swindled great bounties of land remembering our families, cramming our stomachs full of turkey, getting drunk while watching the Cowboys lose. Cranberries aren't sexy. Pumpkin pie isn't hot.

Despite the awkward marriage of Bouncers and Butterball, Thanksgiving Eve parties are here to stay. (Oh. And when did Thanksgiving get its own "Eve?" Popularizing the phrase "Thanksgiving Eve" could be the most impressive--and enduring--achievement in the shady history of party promoters.)

So before you slip into your turkey coma, hit one of these on Thanksgiving Eve. We'll be updating the list often, so check back soon.

Thanksgiving Eve Events Currently On Sale:

Amalia Thanksgiving Eve (Featured Event)
D'Or Thanksgiving Eve (Featured Event)
Touch Thanksgiving Eve (Featured Event)

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